Prepping Your Home to Sell

Selling your home is a big deal, make sure to follow these tips to maximize the sale and get top dollar for your property.

De-clutter and De-personalize

When a perspective buyer walks through your home, they are trying to picture themselves living there. If your house is filled with pictures of your family on every wall, toys on the floor, or furniture too big for the space it may be tough for them to do so. Try removing the majority of your personal items, clearing countertops, putting items in storage and setting up each room to maximize open space.

Hire an Experienced Real Estate Agent

Perhaps the most important tip for anyone selling their home, it is crucial that you hire an experienced agent. Find someone that is familiar with the area and has the knowledge and track record to sell your home for top dollar. Make sure to ask them any question that you think a potential buyer would ask and also find out some background on them (i.e. how long have they been in the industry, home many transactions did they close last year, etc.).

Consider Hiring a Stager

While a clean and de-cluttered home as described above is essential, a completely vacant home can feel cold and unappealing. Consider hiring a professional stager that will bring in furniture and decor for a reasonable fee. These experienced professionals have the ability to transform spaces quickly and can be an extremely effective tool for maximizing the sale price of your home.

Have an Inspection Performed

For a fairly nominal fee, an inspector will evaluate your home’s major systems so that you can make an informed decision on whether a few quick repairs before the house is listed may save you time and money instead of if you waited until they are uncovered in the buyer’s inspection. On the flip side, if nothing comes up in the inspection you can go into the sales process knowing your home is in perfect shape and this can be a strong negotiating point going forward.

Sell Your Home for the Right Price

This is where an experienced realtor will be extremely useful as they can evaluate the local market to help determine the fair market value for your home. An overpriced home will not sell and in the end a fast sale for a fair price is much better than having your home sit on the market for months (or even years) with no offers.