For Immediate Release 05/13/15

Cary Glenn
Main Beach Realty

Laguna Beach, CA: Today, Cary Glenn, Realtor and President of Main Beach Realty, announces the launch of his personal website. During the rebranding phase for Main Beach Realty, Cary Glenn ordered the design and integration of a personal website, which will reflect the new branding efforts, and provide up to date information on his personal and business related achievements.

In regards to his personal website, Cary Glenn said, “It is important for clients to be able to view my personal bio, recent news, along with past and present achievements. In an industry where clients are investing their hard earned finances into real estate or rental properties, it is crucial to build a trusting relationship with the realtor or property manager. Having a platform where potential, current and future clients can access my background and accomplishments, allows them to rightly place their trust in my skills and business, Main Beach Realty. The development of the Cary Glenn website gives me the foundation to provide relevant information to anyone, anytime, anywhere.“

In correlation with the Cary Glenn website launch, clients will be able to stay up to date on news and properties through his various social media objectives including Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Linked In.

About Cary Glenn, President of Main Beach Realty
Cary Glenn is one of Laguna Beach’s top realtors, and President of local agency, Main Beach Realty. As a graduate of the University of Arizona, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Economics, Cary has utilized his adeptness and knowledge to take on significant roles with several industry leaders including General Electric, Cooper Industries and Genlyte Corporation before founding Southern California Illumination (SCI) in 92’.


  1. Kaela Adams

    Great to hear Cary Glenn is launching his own personal website! Great realtor, would highly recommend his services as well as Main Beach Realty.

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